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Can’t Beat the Heat

It has been three days since my air conditioning Manchester unit began shuddering dramatically, like a Miami resident in 65-degree weather, before abruptly giving out. I don’t think I would have normally minded this, but it is summer and temperatures here have been steadily inching toward the 90s.

To combat the effects of heat exhaustion, I’ve taken to lounging around in tank tops and shorts. I have also stocked up on electric fans, popsicles and ice cube trays. Admittedly, times like this also make me wish I had invested in thermal drapes. I really don’t have time to be knocked out by the heat—I have proposals to write and deadlines to curse.

Unfortunately, professional rescue will not be arriving until Thursday, which is still two days from now. Until then, I’ll have to keep Googling, ‘How to endure hot summer nights (without AC),’ for lifesaving tips.

A Day At Work

The Fourth of July was approaching and this year it seemed to sneak up on everyone faster than the year before. Tina who worked at the marinara in a small country tone out at a beautiful lake. It was a nice job. All she did was run the register and sell worms but once a year when the fireworks displays came around for the Fourth of July. It was the most joyful time of the year to Tina. Especially, this year because she had cancer and was dying. This could be her last time she saw fireworks again. This saddened her. She wondered if there was life after death. She zoned out of her depression when she heard kids screaming in delight because they were at the lake. She decided to take each day as it came.

Dreams Do Come True

Becoming a professional Manchester makeup artist has always been my dream, and I am finally living it. I got my first job a year ago doing makeup for a local fashion show. One of the directors pulled me aside and and told me I did good work and she would be contacting me. I thought nothing of it but a month later she called me asking me if I was book for March 15, I was not. The company hosting the show payed for hotel, food ,and plane ticket. The show was everything I expected and more, I even got a private Janae, a multi-platinum songstress. My first assignment will be her world tour that starts in June, I am so excited. Not only do enjoy what I do, I am getting paid to travel the world while doing it.

The Real Beauty of Homes

Flowers play many roles in society as far as home and family is concerned. They offer extra advantages to the environment than the natural artwork as well as beauty. A florist Harrogate is a person who sells flowers. The work that florists do is significant because the products they sell (flowers) are paramount in getting rid of carbon dioxide and toxic substances in the atmosphere. This is important because they help cleansing the environment therefore making it suitable for human survival.

Flowers also make the environment beautiful and attractive to the eyes. Most homes with flowers in the garden look nice all the time. To add on that, flowers provides a soothing sympathy to human beings. They are as well an integral part of numerous life functions and occasions. With that said, all homes should have flowers grown in the garden to make this world a better place to live always. Flowers are life.

My Worried Mother

My mother has always been a very cautious and nervous person. She taught me to be afraid of large dogs, important exams, crowded streets, the big city and strangers. She even taught me to be afraid of silica sand, which I initially found bizarre. She told me that this type of sand could cause lung cancer. Since I didn’t want to increase my risks of getting lung cancer, I went out of my way to avoid the stuff. I actually still avoid it to this day. My friends at first all find it bizarre that I’m so wary of it. Once I explain the situation to them, however, they completely understand. My mother has good intentions and is the classic “worried” parent. When she’s intent on keeping me away from something, she can be persistent to a fault. This can be pretty annoying. It can also be pretty charming. She’s a wonderful mother.

Spending The Day With My Love

My husband and I both work full-time, and we have four children. As the result of this, we do not get to spend a lot of time together alone. That is why when we do get to spend time alone, we truly treasure those moments. Last Saturday, we got to spend the entire day together. Neither one of us had to work, and the kids were spending the day with their friends.

First, we ran a few errands. We went to the store and brought some resin bound porous paving material and groceries. After that, we made a trip to the bank. We then went out to eat at our favorite restaurant. We then went to the movies. After the movie, we went out for ice cream. We laughed and had fun. It was just like it was when we first started dating.

Uncommon Laboratory Hazards

While you wouldn’t think of it, since one’s a solid at room temperature and the other is a trace atmospheric gas, silica equestrian sand is the homologous compound to carbon dioxide. Both carbon and silicon can make four separate bonds with other elements, and oxygen can make two bonds with another element. While sand isn’t pure silicon dioxide, it does go to show just how common silicon is in the makeup of the earth’s crust. This also explains why sand and carbon dioxide are both used as fire extinguishers – the energy of the fire isn’t high enough to break down the bonds holding the oxygen in the sand (or the CO2) and they smother it.

Until you get to exotic chemicals. Like chlorine triflouride, which was a hypergolic (self igniting and oxydizing) compound investigated as a rocket fuel component. Putting sand on a chlorine triflouride fire ignites it. And releases things like hydroflouric acid.

I needed to Shed Some Pounds

I needed shed some pounds that I gained while I was pregnant. I had to go on bed rest while pregnant, so I gained some weight I couldn’t lose and I became unfit. Having a child was a lot of work, but it wasn’t giving me the exercise that I needed to lose weight and become fit again. I decided to do the exercising the old fashion way– diet and exercise as well as using a Manchester thai massage for the hard parts. I watched what I ate and exercised when I could. I parked further away from the door at shopping centers, so I’d have to walk to the door. In addition, I did an exercise video when my son was taking naps. I was determined to get in shape, and so I eventually did lose ten pounds. This allowed me to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am a happy person for it!